The kids may be safer traveling with grandma and grandpa

Generally, older drivers are thought to be prone to car accidents because of slower reaction times on the road; however, the thought that grandma and grandpa are at a greater risk to be in an accident is challenged in a new study. According to the new study, drivers should respect their elders especially when it comes to grandparents traveling with their grandchildren on the road.

According to a new study, children are twice as safe riding with their grandparents than when they ride with their parents in the car. The new study reviewed car crash data involving children from 15 states between the years 2003 and 2007. Researchers believed that grandparents would be more likely than parents to be involved in car accidents when children were passengers because older drivers generally experience more car accidents than younger drivers. Parents everywhere should be prepared for one more lecture from their parents.

It turns out, the researchers did not factor the love of a grandparent when developing their expectation. The researchers learned that grandparents drive with extreme caution when their grandchildren are their passengers.

The five years of reviewed crashes involved almost 218,000 children, man of which suffered personal injuries. Grandparents were driving in ten percent of those car crashes, but they were only responsible for seven percent of the total injuries to children under 16.

Though age can increase certain factors for dangerous driving, older drivers are not as likely to take risks while driving. Grandparents are not as likely to speed or make risky lane merges or lane changes, and they are also not as likely to long road trips.

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