Technology may reduce the number of winter car accidents

Winter can be a treacherous time on  roads. Although some  car accidents are caused by unforeseeable events, most car accidents are attributable to negligent or reckless driving behavior. An example of negligent driving behavior is driving too fast for the weather conditions on a given road. Weather conditions can change quickly and drivers who continue to speed despite the presence of ice or fog on a road often end up in serious wrecks.

A group of engineers and weather experts have come up with a solution which may help some drivers detect the presence of black ice. Black ice is the term given to a thin amount of ice on the surface of the road which is usually hard to detect. Black ice makes it hard to brake and makes it likely that a driver will have a more difficult time controlling his or her vehicle.

The engineers and atmospheric scientists at one university have created a device which will use infrared lasers and sensors to detect the surface temperature of the road and send a warning to motorists when conditions are right for black ice.

“It can actually measure what’s on the roads surface in terms of ice, snow, frost or water,” said an engineer at Weather critical operations at a company that markets environmental and industrial measurement instruments.’

While this and other devices are being used to alert drivers to changing weather and road conditions it is important to remember that no amount of technology can compensate for the lack of attentive driving habits which must be practiced throughout the year to prevent the great number of personal injuries from car accidents that we see in traffic accidents in  and throughout the country.

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