Five people injured in Georgia car accident

After getting into a serious car accident lawsuit, the first thing that may come to an accident victim’s mind is survival. Car crashes often leave people with injuries that can span from minor to life-threatening. Once the dust settles, victims begin to think about recovery and how to move forward in life.
But those involved in a car crash should also begin thinking about how to protect their interests after a serious car accident. Five people were injured in an accident that occurred in Columbus, Georgia, a week-and-a-half ago.
According to local law enforcement, an SUV drifted across the center lane into oncoming traffic. The SUV struck a pick-up truck that was traveling in the opposite direction. The four people in the SUV and the driver of the pick-up truck were all injured and transported to a hospital nearby. One of the passengers in the SUV was seriously injured and brought to the medical center in critical condition.
In many instances, a car accident is the result of a driver’s negligence or carelessness. After a crash, police will often launch an investigation to try to figure out what the cause might have been. Was the driver distracted by his or her cell phone? Had there been a dangerous road condition? Perhaps the driver was intoxicated behind the wheel.
Getting injured in a car accident is frustrating enough. But those involved in a crash also have to deal with some of the legal ramifications that can arise. If the accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, an accident victim should speak with an attorney who can help them decide how to move forward.

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