Children Hurt When Car Crashes Into New Orleans Area School

Last Wednesday morning appeared to be normal at Stepping Stones Montessori School near New Orleans. Parents dropped their children off for school and then left to go to work. But at 8:30 that morning, all sense of normalcy was gone.
A 32-year-old mother stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brakes when she pulled up to the school to drop of her child. Her 2011 Chevy Impala slammed into the school building. It went through the wall and entered a classroom where six children were playing. All six children were injured in the car accident.
According to one witness, one child was stuck underneath the car and another was pinned between the car and the wall. Both of these kids were seriously hurt and had to be taken to the Children’s Hospital. The other four kids in the room were also hurt. Emergency responders took them to area hospitals where the children were treated and then released.
Although the children suffered serious personal injuries, it is lucky that none were killed.
The mother who caused the accident was cited with negligent injury. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said that they did not believe she intended to cause so much damage to the school and pain for the children. However, she was issued the citation because of the extent of the injuries she caused.
Of all of the places a driver would want to be particularly careful, school grounds is at the top of the list. This parent’s negligence put six innocent kids in the hospital.

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