Applebee’s serves toddler alcoholic drink, parents sue

The parents of a toddler who was accidentally served an alcoholic drink at an Applebee’s in Michigan have filed a possible premises liability lawsuit against the restaurant’s parent company. The suit claims that not only did the restaurant serve the parent’s toddler an alcoholic drink but the chain restaurant has also served other young children. The age of the child that was served an alcoholic drink at the chain was 15 months old.

The lawsuit filed by a car accident lawyer Lauderhill FL claims that the two parents of the 15-month-old suffered emotional distress from the experience. The lawsuit asks for an undeclared amount of damages from Applebee’s parent company for medical bills related to the treatment of the parents’ child and non-economic losses.

The facts of the case began last Friday when the family went out to their local Applebee’s. The parents ordered a child’s meal for their toddler son, and the meal was supposed to come with an apple juice. Instead of receiving an apple juice the young boy was served an alcoholic margarita. The parents of the boy noticed the inappropriate drink when their young son began to behave “grossly inappropriate.” The father then tasted the drink and identified it as being alcoholic.

After the alcoholic drink was identified, the child was taken to a nearby hospital and was found to have a blood alcohol content of 0.10. According to the lawsuit the 15-month-old suffered headaches and nausea as well as other symptoms of being hung-over for multiple days after the incident. Applebee’s said it would retrain its staff on beverage serving and will now serve apple juice only from single-serve containers.



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